Boxx Berry Farm

What’s New this Month

Boxx Berry Farm Q&A

Will you be open this season? 
Yes!  Business as usual, with some differences from the previous years.  Stay tuned. 

Is Boxx Berry Farm for sale? Yes!  Our farm is still for sale; however, it’s business as usual.

Will upick be open this season? Yes!

When are you open? As of today, 5/20, we are only open on Saturdays from 10-12.  Once strawberries start, we will begin our full time hours of Monday-Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-4.

When will strawberries be here?  We can only tentatively guess sometime around the 1st of June.  This doesn’t mean they will be here on that day.  Just sometime around that day.  It could be a day or two earlier or a day or two later.  We are not in control of when they ripen.

Will you be following state guidelines and/or using extra precautionary steps when you open?  Yes.  We will be following state guidelines on social distancing, as well as other precautions.  What does this mean?  Well, we are still putting together all that information and will let you know as soon as possible. 

Please understand that there will be some changes to our business that may be disappointing to many people; however, we are doing our best to continue to provide fresh produce to our community.  Thank you for your support of local businesses and farms during these times of uncertainty.  We appreciate all of you tremendously and we are so excited to see everyone again! 


Upick flowers is CLOSED.

We have frozen whole raspberries and frozen whole blueberries for sale in our store right now, as well as jams, syrups, Trilby’s, and our Braswell dressings, etc.

We also have 2019 processed strawberries in 6 and 15 lb pails, sugared and non-sugared, for sale.

Check Facebook, Instagram and our website for continued updates and/or questions.  Or call us at 360-380-2699.